Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Puzzle

It doesn’t matter if you are
Young or old
What matters being wise
As I was told

Some.. hide their identity
But majority.. lose their dignity

How to keep yourself proud
And never vanish in the crowd
Look for reality
Into your personality

Search for a goal
And never stop the ball
Till it reaches the target
By then.. you’ll be a winner
Who saves himself from all

No obstacles in your way
If you plan.. no more sway

Never depend on luck
‘cause once you are stuck
Nothing can be done
And you’ll completely be gone
No matter how far you run
Trying to look for the sun
Tareq S.


  1. Beatiful and I like your words...
    What inspire you... it's very stunning.

    Keep writing Tareq.


  2. Thank u, S.Sharp :)
    Waiting for future comments..