Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fahed Part 2

Since I was in charge for the Student Committee, I decided to do someting that strengthens the ties with the society. I started to gather numbers for orphanages in Amman, unfortunately many of them refused to receive us due to different reasons.

We could make it to appoint a meeting between some of our students and some orphaned kids(boys & girls),  till the very last moment I didn't know that they were living at Late King Hussein's Palace @ Al Hashemieh.... We took some food, juice & gifts to give away...

The day we chose was Valentine's Day, it's the real time they need to feel love and to be loved.. It's the time to make them feel that they are not alone in life.. they can make friends and be happy..

The time came ,we suffered a lot because so many check points, since we were the first school to visit them. Our kids were so excited to meet them. Finally we arrived. the boys went to the boys' wing and the girls to the girls' wing where they learned more about each other.

After an hour they all came to the court yard where they had brunch and were given the gifts, you can't imagine how happy they were! Everything went smoothly, they didn't want us to leave... They really experienced something new for the first time in their life.

I promised them to comeback once again, but to be honest, I wasn't sure if I was going to keep my promise till that day came and Fahed did that THING!!!

To be continued in Part 3


  1. Hahah am i in part 3 ?

  2. Valentine's Day!! nice idea for them and for ur students, to understand appropriate meaning for that day

    can't wait for part 3 faa don't be late :)

  3. Definitely Waleed... Let's keep it a surprise ,ok?

  4. Whisper, u have to wait 4 next Tuesday...