Monday, September 20, 2010

Fahed Part 1

 I always longed to do something different... someting extraordinary that really makes me feel that I'm a useful citizen. It took me quite some time because two ideas came across my mind, I couldn't choose... It was really hard; both visits are essentials, how to start?

At last I found the right occasion??
Can you tell what it is?
Where did I go?

Fahed is somewhere in this picture.... I couldn't tell at that time that he will do such a THING later that really made me wonder...

To be continued.....


  1. I deal with orphans and I think those men-to-be are one of them, or at least with a family problems

    I have three in my mind I think one of the is Fahid but I'm not going to tell now,in the 2nd part if he is one of them I'll tell u :)

    Ok the occasion..ummm with the crescent and star I think it's Ramadan, but also u all except one wearing jackets, and this Ramadan and the one before it was Summer :S

    The THING it some thing related to ur show?? maybe...I don't know

    Thanks God tomorrow is Tuesday :)

  2. Thx Whisper 4 ur interest... 2moro I'll talk about some parts bt not all 2 create a sense of mystery.. I'll give u one clue.. It happened this year....

  3. بانتظار البقية :)
    حبيت الفكرة