Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It’s an e- world we’re livin’
No one is interested in givin’
Everyone enjoys takin’
Even if it doesn’t belong to him

It’s an e-world we’re livin’
Where people became in e-motion
& forgot all about emotion
Feelings became by touch
Chatting didn’t stop too much
But it didn’t go beyond or further
Than communicating or pressing the letters
By touch

It’s an e-world we’re livin’
Where nothing is hidden
People enjoy showing off
Caring less about cutting off
All the bad habits they are livin’
The time they lose or spend in
Doing nothing useful

It might not be harmful
It’s a waste of time
We use to pantomime
Every time we look at the screen
And jump to express our fear or tear

Talking became really less
When we are living in such a mess
Nothing more to be said or added
It’s an e-world we are livin’
Tareq S.


  1. U r sO right!
    It seems we only exist online 
    And no signs for a remedy in the horizon either! On the contrary, it`s getting worse, E-worse.
    Liked how u used e-motion VS. emotion